Wash Your Hands: Clean Hands Save Lives

As cold and flu viruses start to make the rounds, it’s a good time to be reminded about how important it is to do something very simple for your health: Wash your hands, and wash them often. It’s really the very best thing you can do (besides getting your immunizations) to avoid getting sick or spreading germs to others.

This seems like a simple concept, but let’s start with the basics anyway. When should you wash your hands?

After using the toilet is No. 1, but you also should wash your hands before, during and after preparing food, before you eat anything, before and after caring for someone who is sick, after changing a diaper, after holding or petting an animal, and after blowing your nose or coughing or sneezing into your hands. Any time you’ve been outside your home and you’ve touched money, or stair railings or elevator buttons – anything that lots of other people have touched – it’s a good idea to wash your hands.  Continue reading “Wash Your Hands: Clean Hands Save Lives”