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Niki Forbing-Orr, public information manager

10 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Linda Moyer

    My son and a son’s friend work directly with two people, who just tested positive. One is very ill. DHW has not contacted them, but their boss has. However, both men tried to get tested and cannot find anyone who will test them if they show no symptoms. What is the point of contact tracing? Just to get data? If you want to stop the spread, please test people whose daily close co-worker tested positive! Their bosses have required them both to go back to work on the crew (not knowing if they have Covid-19 asymptomatically because they can’t get tested) . This is very frustrating and nerve-wracking.

  2. Eileen Schoenfelder

    My comment has to do with a USDA covid relief program which provides school lunch families with extra money for food. It is irresponsible and criminal that this program has not been accessed by Idaho. I would like to know who is responsible for making this decision on behalf of all of us who pay federal taxes. I think most people in Idaho would agree that families need help now.

  3. I believe I fall under the first phase of vaccinations, I.e.:
    Home care providers for adults 65 years of age and older; home care providers for adults or children with high-risk medical conditions.
    I am 71 & I am the full time caregiver of my 97 year old mother in my home. So far I am unable to get any information on where to go to get vaccinated & to get my Mom vaccinated. Can you advise?
    It has been so frustrating. I know assisted living centers are being vaccinated right now but I believe, per the timeline, that I should be in that same group. Am I right?

  4. Ms. Chris A. Shelp

    I’m writing to tell you to get your EBT portal back online! My EBT app cannot get through so I can check to see how much I’ve got left. I use the FreshEBT app. I’m sick & tired of trying everyday for a week before I get an answer! Don’t tell me to call a number because I CANNOT HEAR ON THE PHONE! I’m deaf.
    I expect this to be fixed promptly & hope it never happens again.
    Thank you!

    1. idhwmedia

      Thanks for your note. We have not had any other complaints today, but department staff should be in contact by email soon. Also, you may have better luck using an FIS app, such as

  5. Bo

    Thank you for taking the time to answer questions and address misinformation. I know the Idaho dashboard lists the number of “fully vaccinated” versus unvaccinated hospitalizations but I think this needs some clarification. According to the CDC, you are not fully vaccinated until 14 days after your second shot. Could the dashboard track the number of people hospitalized with at least one (1) covid vaccine shot? I believe the numbers are being skewed to prop up the vaccine. This would provide a more accurate picture. There are studies that show Ivermectin, along with other things work on Covid-19. If the hospitals are overwhelmed and the goal is to keep people out of the hospitals, why wouldn’t you try anything and everything? How come there isn’t any discussion on Vitamins D3, C, and Zinc? Discounting something that may work doesn’t make sense.

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