Some Idahoans receiving child support payments will get a new card in the mail

ReliacardIdahoans who already receive child support payments can expect to get a new US Bank ReliaCard® Idaho Family Support Card in October. New customers will receive their cards in November. Both should be on the lookout for a plain white envelope with a return address from Indianapolis, IN. This card replaces the current JP Morgan Chase Idaho Family Support Card.

Customers who have chosen to receive their payments through direct-deposit will not be affected.

Payments will be made onto the current cards until Nov. 1st.  After that date, payments will be deposited onto the new US Bank ReliaCards. Any funds left on the original Idaho Family Support Card will be available until they are used up.

Child support customers should review the mailing address on their accounts to prevent delays in receiving a new card.

Want more information? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

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