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A new website connects Idahoans with health and social services in their communities. The idea is to empower families to discover and quickly access the services they need to help them become strong, secure, and live better. allows people to not only see available services from state agencies, nonprofits, and faith-based and community groups, it is focused on finding services quickly and showing how to immediately access the service by phone, in person, or by email. It is easy to use, and new services are being added every week.

Who should use it?

The site is meant for all Idahoans who are looking for health and social services that match their unique interests and needs. It can also serve as a tool for anyone who works with families, including caseworkers, pastors, nonprofit volunteers and others who need a way to connect them to a service without knowing all the details about where and how the service works.

What are some of the services the site offers information about?

Some examples might include a list of community health clinics, information on free tax preparation, or cash assistance or food stamps if the income meets eligibility requirements. Available services are organized by category into finances, healthcare, food and nutrition, services for veterans, child care, family services, and work and education.

How does the site work? can be used anonymously based on topics like finance, health, or work or by completing a simple search. A list of services also can be generated by providing a little bit of information that includes how many people are in your household and their ages, gross monthly income, and zip code. Relevant services by location and eligibility and age will be found. A person can also create a secure account and save information on their interests and be alerted when services change or when new services become available.

Is the information shared with the site kept in any way?

The information you input (unless you create an account) is only used to navigate the website and display relevant services. After viewing available services, information is not kept after you leave the screen. If you create an account, it will keep your information and will remember your favorite services. Creating an account is not necessary to use the site.

If there is a group or organization with a service to offer, how does it get listed on the site?

We are constantly looking for ways to expand the information the site offers. Potential partners can express interest with a brief description of the services to be offered in an email to

Does this site remove any eligibility requirements for welfare programs?

All eligibility requirements still apply for all programs. If income would indicate that someone would qualify for food stamps, for example, they still need to be a citizen or legal immigrant, be an Idaho resident, and participate in an employment-in-training program. The site is really just a tool so a person can see the services that are available to them.

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