New online search tool makes it easier to find an assisted living facility in Idaho

Idahoans who are searching for an assisted living facility for themselves or a loved one now have another tool, thanks to a new online search available for recent facility inspections completed by the Residential Assisted Living Facility Program in the Division of Licensing and Certification.

The tool allows users to search for facilities in specific areas of the state and ones that accept different types of residents, including those who need a secured environment. It also provides information on the size, location, ownership, administration, and survey and complaint history.

In addition to the ability to search for a facility by name, the new online portal allows users to search for survey reports in three timeframes: the last 90 days, the last 180 days (6 months), or for the past year. The results can be sorted by the location of the facility, the type of survey being done, and the license status, among other criteria.

According to a recent 90-day search, the program had completed 90 surveys.

To search facilities, click here. The recent surveys are available here.

The Residential Assisted Living Facility Program ensures that businesses that provide residential care or assisted living services to Idaho residents comply with state statute and rules through inspections, which are also called surveys. The surveys must be completed before a new facility can accept residents; for re-licensure for established facilities; for follow-up surveys when issues are identified that need to be addressed; and for complaint investigations.

There are 372 assisted living facilities in Idaho, representing more than 10,000 beds. Facilities range in size from six to 152 beds.


New online tool helps Idahoans find the right care for loved ones

The Department of Health and Welfare’s Residential Care and Assisted Living Facilities Program has modernized its facility search webpage to better help Idaho adults with one of the most difficult decisions they face: choosing a quality assisted living residence where their parents or loved ones can receive around-the-clock care and supervision.

Leveraging consumer-style web search features such as filters, ratings and location-specific content, the new Facility Licensing and Regulatory Enforcement System (FLARES) webpage makes searching for assisted living facilities in Idaho faster and easier.

It also provides users with important details – whether Medicaid clients are accepted, the tenure of administrators, which facilities have received awards for outstanding compliance, the nature and veracity of any complaints filed and copies of the facility’s most recent DHW licensing inspection surveys. Continue reading “New online tool helps Idahoans find the right care for loved ones”