Think you may have strep throat? See your health care professional ASAP


Strep throat is pretty common in children, and medical professionals can do a quick test to determine if an infection is strep. The trick is to get the test and get treatment started as soon as possible to help you feel better, prevent long-term health problems such as joint, heart, and kidney disease, and prevent spreading it to others.

What differentiates a sore throat from strep throat?

Strep throat is an infection in the throat and tonsils that is caused by group A Streptococcus bacteria. Continue reading “Think you may have strep throat? See your health care professional ASAP”

Elmore County Cat Likely Died from Plague

Central District Health Department issued a news release this afternoon advising people to take precautions with their pets in desert areas that may contain rodents carrying the plague. Preliminary lab results of a pet cat that died in Elmore County show probable infection with the plague bacteria.

The state reported die-offs of ground squirrels, often referred to as whistle pigs, from plague last week. Plague is transmitted through the bite of fleas and can cause serious illness to people and pets if not treated quickly.

To read the Central District Health Department’s news release, please click here