Tips for staying healthy at the fair this summer

(Note: A Closer Look At Your Health airs at 6:50 a.m. most Tuesdays on KBOI News Radio 670. This is an edited transcript of segment that aired this morning, July 5.) 

Idaho fairs and festivals are starting across the state, which is exciting because they offer some of the best fun of the summer! But they also offer up some health challenges, which we hope you’ll keep in mind when you and your family head off to the fairgrounds. So today we’re going to talk about some things you can do to stay safe and healthy, especially when you’re visiting the animal exhibits or munching on the food.

Let’s start with animal exhibits. What should we know about those?

It’s important to keep in mind that seemingly healthy animals can sometimes carry germs that might make us sick. Small children should be supervised at all times in animal exhibits. They shouldn’t be allowed to put their hands or objects (such as pacifiers) in their mouths after interacting with the animals and before washing up. Simply washing hands as well as anything else that falls on the ground after being in the animal barns or the petting zoo will go a long way toward protecting yourself and your family from diseases spread by animals. You should also be aware that even animals at the fair can bite, kick, and scratch, so approach them with care to avoid getting hurt.  Continue reading “Tips for staying healthy at the fair this summer”