So-called “wellness” vapes pose a health risk

Although some brands call themselves a “mist,” “personal diffuser,” or “aromatherapy stick,” make no mistake, these products are actually a type of vaping device.

So-called “wellness” vapes marketed by the tobacco industry to youth and young adults claim to include ingredients such as vitamins, essential oils, and melatonin to promote sleep and relaxation. The truth is these vaping devices are not federally regulated, so it is unclear what ingredients they really contain.

Inhaling the chemicals contained in any type of vaping device, whether they contain nicotine or are nicotine-free, can damage lung tissue. When vaping, the user can inhale harmful metal particles and chemicals. Vaping also makes it harder to breathe and fight off respiratory viruses, such as COVID-19.

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Project Filter offers a year’s worth of diapers and wipes to moms (and others) who quit tobacco

What is the Diapers and Wipes Program?

The Diapers and Wipes Program is offered through the Department of Health and Welfare’s Tobacco Prevention and Control program – Project Filter – which helps people quit tobacco. Anyone who wants to quit smoking, vaping, and chewing for good, and who lives with a baby can apply. Those who are eligible will receive up to 12 months’ worth of free diapers and wipes at the same time they change their lives for the better by quitting tobacco.

Who is eligible?

Pregnant women, and moms and anyone who lives with a baby less than a year old who wants to quit. This includes dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and older siblings – as long as they all live in the same home as the baby.

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My Life, My Quit is a program specifically for teens to help them quit nicotine


Idaho teens who want to quit tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes and vapes, now have a program specifically made for them and to help them on their quit journey. It’s called My Life, My Quit, and it launched for Idaho teens in December.

Is this the first program to help teens quit tobacco in Idaho?

It is – in fact, there aren’t many resources in the nation that are available specifically for teens if they want to quit tobacco. We have come to realize that teens have a very different quit journey than adults do. In Idaho, nearly half of all high school students have used e-cigarettes at least once, and there has been a surge in tobacco violations in schools across the state. We want to give teens the tools they need to help them make healthy choices. Continue reading “My Life, My Quit is a program specifically for teens to help them quit nicotine”