Medicaid survey of supported living services providers will begin in mid-February

Medicaid’s cost survey of providers for supported living services will begin soon. This survey is for providers who offer up to 24-hour support to qualified participants with developmental disabilities so they can live in their communities rather than in an institution.

We have received a number of questions about the survey and how it will be conducted. The framework of the study is set by Idaho state regulations, which you can find here (page 27, section 037). 

That rule provides, in part, that:

  1. Medicaid will conduct a cost survey of 100 percent of providers. All providers must take part in the survey or they may be disenrolled from the program.
  2. The survey will collect direct care staffing costs, employment-related expenditures, program-related costs, and indirect general and administrative costs.
  3. To meet the federal and state requirements of economy and efficiency in rate-setting, the costs by provider will be ranked using the 75th percentile statistical method. Setting a percentile cap is a common practice also used for nursing facilities, intermediate care facilities for people with intellectual disabilities, and home health agencies.

Being precise with the survey provides important transparency to everyone, including providers, participants, and taxpayers. We want participants to have access to quality services, and that requires adequate payment. But we also have to be good stewards for taxpayer money.

The survey will begin in mid-February.  Medicaid has an ongoing accounting contract for cost surveys with an independent firm, Myers and Stauffer Certified Public Accountants. This firm will be working with providers to complete the survey and compile the results for the department.  The entire process is expected to take about six months to complete.

We will offer updates when the survey is completed.

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