DHW is compiling list of free ultrasound providers, will be available Aug. 1

The Department of Health and Welfare is in the process of compiling requests to be included in a list of providers, clinics and other facilities that offer free ultrasounds to pregnant women in Idaho who are contemplating abortion.

Providers must fill out a form to be included on the list through July 29. The final list will be available online and in hard-copy form on Aug. 1. Hard copies of the list will be provided whenever resources are given to a woman seeking an abortion.

Starting in 2017, the list will be updated annually on Jan. 1. The program must receive all requests by Dec. 15 to be included in the annual update. Requests must be made using the form on this website, and providers must make the request annually to stay on the list.

For more information, please visit www.abortioninfo.dhw.idaho.gov.

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