Bart Buckendorf recognized as Idaho EMS Pediatric Provider of the Year

EMS bureau
By Xenya Poole, NRP
EMS Field Coordinator, CHEMS & EMS-C
Idaho Bureau of EMS and Preparedness

We’re proud to announce that Bart Buckendorf of Ada County Paramedics is the recipient of the first annual “Pediatric Provider of the Year” award given by the Idaho Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Preparedness’ Emergency Medical Services for Children Program. 

The Pediatric Provider of the Year Award was created to acknowledge EMS providers who demonstrate exceptional effort in improving pediatric care and patient outcomes, displayed outstanding care for a child in a medical or trauma emergency, or developed pediatric training. This is our first year giving this award. Responding to an EMS call involving a child is always hard and we want to recognize those providers who work to provide the best care they can or prevent those calls from happening again.

IDHW’s Xenya Poole, left, and EMS Pediatric Provider of the Year Bart Buckendorf of Ada County Paramedics.

The 2017 recipient, Bart Buckendorf, is a 31-year paramedic with Ada County Paramedics in Boise. Bart saw too many infant crib deaths during his career and decided that something needed to be done.

To help educate parents and families on keeping infants safe while they sleep, Bart started the ABC’s of Safe Infant Sleep Campaign in Ada County. ABC’s of Safe Infant Sleep remind us that babies should be Alone, on their Back, and in a Crib. The safe sleep messaging is placed on the back on Ada County’s ambulances – Paramedics within the agency pooled together their own funds to pay for this messaging. This was done with the hope that parents and families would see this messaging and the number of infant deaths would decrease. Bart is an active teacher of Safe Sleep classes and is extremely passionate about what he does.

Thank you Bart and Ada County Paramedics for working to provide outstanding EMS care to Idaho children!

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