Managing your diet during the holidays? We’ve got some tips for you.

The holidays are tough for anyone who tries to eat a healthy diet, but it’s an especially difficult time for families living with diabetes. Tempting holiday treats show up at work, at school, and at home, as well as at parties. We also seem to eat out much more often at this time of year. But if you plan ahead, it’s possible to stick to your eating plan during holiday gatherings with family and friends.

How many Idahoans are dealing with diabetes?

7.6 percent of adults in Idaho had a diagnosis of diabetes in 2014, which is actually down from 2013, when 8.4 percent had received a diabetes diagnosis. So that’s great news! But it’s still the 6th overall leading cause of death in our state.

So if you’re going to a holiday party, are there some strategies you can use beforehand to stay on track?

These tips work well for everyone who is watching what they eat, including people who do not have diabetes. Before a party, plan ahead by checking with the host to see what food will be served. Eat a healthy snack before you go so you don’t overeat while you’re there. You can also make a nutritious dish to take so you know there will be at least one that will be relatively healthy. And throughout the holiday season, drink plenty of water and stick to your daily exercise plan. Even though you’re busy with holiday festivities and preparations, you should aim for about 2.5 hours of physical activity a week.  Continue reading “Managing your diet during the holidays? We’ve got some tips for you.”

Holiday stress? Give yourself a break!

The overwhelming rush in the final countdown to the holidays has begun. And from the frenzied hum throughout the Treasure Valley and especially near its shopping malls, it sounds like we’re all caught up in it. It’s time to take a minute to consider all of the simple things you can do for yourself to reduce stress and enjoy the holidays.

If you’ve made it a goal to eat healthy, the holidays can be challenging, if not impossible. Should you stick to your goal, or surrender and start again in January?

Trying to eat healthy food at this time of year can challenge anyone’s fortitude — we’re going to parties and eating out more and have less control over what is being served. Generally, you should watch your portion sizes and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. But it IS the holidays, so you should allow yourself to splurge a little bit, especially for your favorites. Just don’t overdo it.  Continue reading “Holiday stress? Give yourself a break!”