Avoid harmful algal blooms when enjoying Idaho waters this summer

henrys-lake-bg-algaeIdaho has many beautiful lakes and reservoirs where you can fish, boat, and swim. Most of the year these bodies of water are safe to enjoy. However, when water temperatures rise and the right type of nutrients are available, some bodies of water can produce harmful algal blooms. These can pose health risks to humans, pets, livestock, and wildlife. Continue reading


Most important thing you can do to keep kids safe in the water? Pay attention.

(Note: A Closer Look At Your Health airs most Tuesdays at 6:50 a.m. on KBOI News Radio 670. This is the segment from June 7.)

It’s hot, so we’re all headed to the pool later today, right? Before you go, you may want to brush up on some tips to keep you and your family safe from drowning, but also from possibly getting sick.

Let’s start with drowning. What the most important thing to do to help keep people and children safe?

Ten people drown in the U.S. every day, and many are children. The most important thing to do is to simply pay attention. About 75 percent of drownings that involve children happened because an adult failed to pay attention for less than 5 minutes. Swimmers who are struggling to breathe and keep their heads above water likely won’t be able to wave their arms or call for help in an obvious way. They’ll be concentrating on keeping their heads above water. Watching your children carefully while they swim is important so you can see if they are struggling.  Continue reading