The clock started ticking today…

Our agency has received official notification this evening from the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement that Idaho has 60 days to bring its child support program into federal compliance.

The Idaho Legislature adjourned Saturday, failing to pass legislation to meet minimum federal requirements for working on child support cases with foreign countries. Failure of that bill prompted the federal government to issue a formal notice in its intent to disapprove Idaho’s state plan Tuesday evening.

Idaho now has 60 days to correct the problem. If not, access to child support enforcement tools and funding will discontinue on July 1st.



2 thoughts on “The clock started ticking today…

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  2. idhwmedia

    A point of clarification: Idaho has 60 days to enact UIFSA 2008, which makes that deadline June 14. Payments of federal funding for the Child Support Program would then stop on July 1.

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