(Updated with links to handouts) DHW to begin budget presentations this morning in JFAC

Department of Health and Welfare will kick off Health and Human Services Week with its budget presentations at 8 a.m. Monday in the meeting chambers of the Joint Appropriations-Finance Committee (JFAC) in the Idaho Statehouse. DHW leadership will present the governor’s budget recommendations for the department, starting with a department overview from DHW Director Richard Armstrong. Continue reading “(Updated with links to handouts) DHW to begin budget presentations this morning in JFAC”

Change is coming in less than 2 months for food stamps recipients in Idaho

Starting July 1, food stamps benefits will be delivered on a different schedule. They will be delivered over the first 10 days of the month, instead of only on the first of the month. It’s very important that everyone involved understands how they may be affected so they can plan ahead and avoid a food shortage as much as possible. Participants who do not receive their benefits on the first of the month will need to have a plan for how they will address the extra days until their benefits are available.

Why is the schedule being changed?

The Legislature passed a law in 2014 to require the department to issue benefits over the first 10 days of the month rather than only on the first day of the month. Grocers had lobbied the Legislature to move to a 10-day distribution for benefits because of crowded stores, long lines and challenges with inventory on the first of each month. The department has been working with grocery stores, food banks and pantries, and others since July 2015 to make this transition as seamless as possible. Continue reading “Change is coming in less than 2 months for food stamps recipients in Idaho”

Director Armstrong to present PCAP proposal to H&W committees

Department of Health and Welfare Director Richard Armstrong will present the proposal for the Primary Care Access Program to the Senate Health and Welfare Committee this afternoon in room WW54 of the Statehouse. The meeting starts at 3 p.m., and Armstrong is expected to give his presentation at about 3:30.

He’ll also present the proposal to the House Health and Welfare Committee at 9 a.m. Wednesday in room EW20.

See his presentation slides here.



HHS week continues at JFAC with three more budget requests

Administrators for Medicaid, Mental Health Services and Healthcare Policy Initiatives presented the governor’s budget recommendations this morning before the Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee. Links to their slides are below:

DHW begins legislative budget presentations


The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare’s legislative budget presentations began this morning at 9 a.m.

Director Richard Armstrong kicked off four days of DHW appropriation recommendations with an overview of budget issues, focusing on Gov. Otter’s proposal for providing access to healthcare for people living in poverty, the Primary Care Access Program.

DHW Director Richard Armstrong presented an overview of the department this morning in front of the Join Finance and Appropriations Committee.

DHW presentations will conclude on Thursday.

Below is a schedule for the week. Each morning, links will be added for that day’s slide presentations.  Continue reading “DHW begins legislative budget presentations”

Gov. Otter unveils proposal for establishing a primary care access program

Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter announced a new proposal today to connect uninsured Idaho adults living in poverty with primary healthcare and preventive services to help keep them healthy.

Subject to approval by the Legislature, the Primary Care Access Program (PCAP) is a public-private partnership that would benefit adults 19-64 years of age who have no access to health insurance coverage.

PCAP providers would assess the health of each participant and develop treatment plans to manage chronic conditions and coordinate their care through a patient-centered medical home model.

“This is an all-Idaho initiative that can improve the health and lives of 78,000 adults who have been going without basic healthcare and suffering because of it,” Gov. Otter said. “We have been struggling to find a solution for more than three years, and it has become apparent Medicaid expansion is not what Idaho wants. This is an achievable alternative that gives us total control, with no federal strings or mandates.” Continue reading “Gov. Otter unveils proposal for establishing a primary care access program”