DHW Licensing & Certification Chair Hoops team helps raise money for individuals with disabilities

Members of the DHW Licensing & Certification “Chair Hoops” team, pictured left to right: Sam Burbank (Fire, Life, Safety); Jada Yancey (BDDS); Ian Bingham (friend to L&C staff); Alan Elsey (friend to L&C staff); Susan Nicholson (L&C); Nate Elkins (Fire, Life, Safety); Sandi Frelly (L&C); Torrey Bollinger (L&C); and Kyle Nicholson (family member of L&C staff). Not pictured: Tom Moss –(L&C); Michael Case (BDDS).

Members of IDHW’s Division of Licensing and Certification along with teammates from the Bureau of Developmental Disability Services joined in Chair Hoops on March 22-24, a fundraiser for the City of Boise Parks and Recreation Department’s Adaptive Recreation Program.

CH_Michael dribbling
DHW Chair Hoops team member Michael Case from the Bureau of Developmental Disability Services takes the ball downcourt. 

The tournament raised over $4,000 to help fund scholarships for individuals with disabilities so they can purchase adaptive equipment.

This is the second year that L&C employees have participated in the tournament, which is a great opportunity for basketball players of all ability levels to test their skills from a wheelchair. You do not have to have a disability to play, wheelchairs are provided.​

To learn more about the City of Boise’s Wheelchair Basketball program, visit: https://parks.cityofboise.org/activities,-classes-and-sports/adaptive-recreation/adventure-seeker-program/wheelchair-basketball/



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