An update from DHW Director Dave Jeppesen: Transparency data now available; working to meet the demand for the COVID-19 vaccine

On Monday, Idaho began publishing a vaccine administration transparency data dashboard thanks to Gov. Brad Little’s Executive Order. The new tool shows the number of COVID-19 vaccine doses that individual providers and local public health districts have been distributed and the number of doses that remain for them to administer.

There are two “data dashboards” now – you can find the buttons to both of them on the home page of the coronavirus website. The button that provides enrolled provider vaccine administration data is called Vaccine Administration Transparency Data. The button that outlines data related to Idahoans getting the vaccine is called the COVID-19 Vaccine Data Dashboard.

Some details to keep in mind as you look at the new dashboard:

  • “Distributed doses” include first and second doses. Some doses that appear to have not been administered yet may be scheduled for an appointment or may not be reported in the state’s immunization system yet because providers have 72 hours to report after a dose has been given.
  • The number of doses that remain to be administered could include a share of second doses that arrived early and cannot be administered yet because the second dose must be given at least 21 days for Pfizer and 28 days for Moderna after the first use.

Working to meet the demand

We are excited that so many Idahoans want to get the COVID-19 vaccine. This is an important step in helping us get back to normal. Idaho has been receiving anywhere from about 20,000 doses a week to just over 25,000 first doses every week. However, as of yesterday, that number is now 30,000 first doses each week with the new federal retail pharmacy program where 5,000 first doses a week are going to Walmart and Albertsons pharmacies.

Even with the increase, that is not enough to vaccinate everyone who wants to be vaccinated in the 65 and older age group this coming week because there are approximately 265,000 Idahoans in that age group. I would like to encourage patience, even though I know the waiting can be frustrating. I promise that everyone who chooses to get a COVID-vaccination will be able to do so in the coming weeks and months.

We are working closely with our federal partners to increase the number of vaccine doses sent to Idaho. We will keep you updated as our allotment increases.

Doses administered update

As of yesterday, Idaho has received about 319,000 doses and administered 214,000 of them. This means that 67 percent of doses that have been received by Idaho have been administered.

There is even better news: 87 percent of first doses in Idaho have been administered (that means we only have one week of inventory in the state, as we would expect).

Finally, approximately 42 percent of second doses have been administered in Idaho.  It appears that the vast majority of individuals are getting their second doses on time. I’m happy to report that this means second doses are occurring at the rate that we would expect.

I covered this in our weekly COVID-19 vaccine media briefing on Tuesday. The briefings are recorded and are available the next day on the coronavirus website vaccine page.


  • The vaccination page has been updated with the approved recommendations from the Coronavirus Vaccine Advisory Committee. For more information on recommendations from CVAC, read the DHW news release.
  • There is a new frequently asked questions page on the DHW website. It is updated regularly, and you may be able to find answers to your vaccine questions on this page.

Have a safe and healthy weekend, and remember to: Wear your mask, keep six feet of distance between yourself and others, wash your hands often, cover your coughs and sneezes, and get your vaccine when it’s your turn!

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