Here’s the schedule for Monday’s special session of the Idaho Legislature

The Idaho Legislature will convene in special session on Monday, May 18, to consider RS23967, a bill that adopts uniform language to align Idaho with all other states and approved foreign countries for the collection of child support.

The resolution will be introduced for a print hearing in the House Ways and Means Committee at about 9 a.m. in room C310 of the Idaho Capitol. If the committee votes to print the bill, Department of Health and Welfare Director Richard Armstrong will provide a formal presentation explaining the legislation at about 9:30 a.m.  in a joint meeting of the Senate Judiciary and Rules  Committee and the House Judiciary, Rules and Administration Committee. 

The proposed bill updates the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act laws, which Idaho has been successfully utilizing to enforce interstate child support orders since the 1990s. The updates include new provisions for handling foreign child support orders from approved foreign countries, allowing Idaho families to receive child support from non-custodial parents living abroad.

After Director Armstrong’s presentation, the joint meeting of committees will take public testimony on the proposed bill. Both Director Armstrong’s presentation and public testimony will be in the Lincoln Auditorium, WW02. People wanting to testify can sign up beginning at 8 a.m. outside of the Lincoln Auditorium.

The special session will be streamed by Idaho Public Television, available here.  You can download a draft of the proposed bill here. 

Watch this blog for more information and coverage of Monday’s events.

One thought on “Here’s the schedule for Monday’s special session of the Idaho Legislature

  1. Rob Broadhead

    Vote “No” on Radical bill in special session that ties Idaho to international Regulations. The few Dollars you may receive back for Child support are totally in adequate to freedoms of choice we loose as a state with strings attached.—-Rob Broadhead, Oneida County

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